Personal Life
Tune Up
'when simple questions become difficult to answer'
'when life is leading you rather than you leading life'


"Are you happy - as in really happy?" and you hesitate before responding!
"Are you content with yourself, where you're at, where you're going?" and you don't know where to begin!
"Are you hopeful with a reasonable and logical amount of certainty that the best is yet to come?" finding your head saying yes, and heart saying no!
questioning change personal life tune up

When Asking Ourselves

"Why am I challenged with more down days than up days?"

"Why do I feel I could sleep all the time?

"Is the reason I have less and less energy because I'm bored?"

"Is it the monotony of life, my job, or just me not doing enough, or of the right things?"

"Could my beliefs have something to do with my confidence, uncertainty and doubts?"

questioning change personal life tune up


"What is there to change? I have a job that pays the bills - so do my friends - we keep in touch - meet occasionally - we're all good - what else is there?"

Should we follow the crowd or follow our heart?

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1959 - The average attention span was 22 minutes!
2000 - The average attention span was only 12 minutes!
2019 - The average attention span was only 8 seconds!

Good reason for concern?

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THE RESULT - of a depreciating attention span has led us to listening to less of the truth, while being programmed into believing lies as though truth.

Many life altering issues, far darker than imaginable, have slipped under our radar into our lives; you're not alone feeling tired, beat-up and defeated!
What's Really Going On
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Privileged to Mentor

There is a clear distinction between irrefutable truth and lies, right and wrong, and today, truth and what's right are taught as irrational and archaic; a deceptive means called priming to see falsehood as equal.

'Personal Life Tune Up' delivers results, standing firm on inerrant and infallible truth, propagated for centuries as the lie, while real lies as truth or potential to be truth, while destroying us from inside out.

Graphic below explained HERE
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One example of todays 'quick-fix,' is best seen in the form of one more pharmaceutical pill to solve our problems, before escalating to worse and not better.

*** Prioritizing a pill for profit to treat sickness & disease, when natural prevention has been pushed aside for the past 200+ years by its profiteers, is sad.

apple a day beats a pill a day personal life tune up framed

Apples to Apples

As a Pastor Counsellor/Mentor, let us assume you come to me with the all too familiar challenge, being weighed down by the worries of life.

Considering a Psychologist or Psychiatrist can also be inquired of their services, based on the severity or prognosis of the matter, what separates myself, is in first recognizing the entire medical establishment has been programmed to treat disease rather than prevent it, thus their solutions all come from the same programmed source; respectfully, much like one Buddha saying we have a soul and the next saying we don't!

*** "I personally DO NOT diagnose or cure anyone, nor make any such claim. I merely point people in the right direction for the truth that sets them free that gives hope, reason, and understanding as to what's at play in their lives and the world around them."

As a global populous, we have been gravely deceived, where simple matters have been deliberately over-complicated by very dark and selfishly motivated powers, pushing unnecessary therapies and medications to treat never ending illnesses, with 99% of all diseases known to man patented for ongoing profit off we the people!

Are people actually sick today? Absolutely, but as a result of infectious medications at the very heart of all sickness & disease - including the devils right hand assistance of gender/puberty blocking medications

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Book 1

Set to the acronym 'You Are Worth It' this book explains the how & why we connect with Jesus

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Book 2

An apples to apples side by side comparison of 12 faiths with only one provably divine

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Book 3

This book, 99% Jesus, 1% perspective, proves we are invincible in Christ

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Book 4

Written to teach new Christians and/or children as a grass roots simple tool

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