Who is Kevin
personal life tune up mentor

Transparent, humble, sincere, accountable, and genuinely zealous to assist those desirous for change in a world unable to meet their needs.

who is kevin personal life tune up mentor
"When we discover that friendship with Jesus Christ is no different than any other friendship, apart from Him being the living God, religion dies, and faith, life, and grace take on new meaning; no more worries, fears, or doubts."

I'm a man of my word because of this Jesus!

As testimony, I'd like to share a couple special links as to how a heart can be broken, unable to say goodbye to many long time friends, losing my career and only source of income as though I had the plague, to the biggest demonic crime and attack against humanity - while having the comfort of knowing that we will meet again (John 11:25).

(M.R.S.) - Master of Religious Studies

The most important thing to me 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is people!

Since childhood, my passion always found me drawn to others, especially if different than myself; language, nationality, culture, and beliefs.

My M.R.S., degree was a direct result of this fascination, excited and genuinely interested in the potential at the root of our differences, that together, we could be so much more.

Said studies also positioned me, from a deliberate unorthodox curriculum perspective​, to witness the clarity available to recognize that there are only two types of religion known to man:
A/ Divine Accomplishment and
B/ Human Accomplishment, and
... when placed side by side with idolatry, as defined by Webster's 1828 Dictionary, only ONE stands alone as Divine ... thus why questions become more difficult to answer - why life is leading us and not us leading life.

In confidence, I look forward to answering any questions you may have prior to, or following your 'Personal Life Tune Up' Mentorship journey.
Idolatry defined here
Personal Life Tune Up - when simple questions become difficult to answer
Make today the day you take action

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NO FEE - Jesus comes first always ... especially amidst the trying PlanDemic times

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"Change is inevitable - but change starting with self for the glory of the living God is worthy of applause"

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